Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome Shareholders!

I'd like to welcome you all to our annual shareholders convention. Shareholders of what you ask? Shareholders of Bank of America, Citigroup, Merril Lynch, Citifield (new baseball park of the New York Mets), and the Suleman name just a few.

Yup, the stake we share in these very public holdings was not chosen. None of us asked the banks to invest in risky loan programs. None of us asked the Mets to build a new stadium and sell the naming rights to Citigroup (which just received around 30 billion dollars under the TARP fund). None of us asked a 33 year old woman, with questionable mental status, to bear 14 children. The depths of this irresponsibility erode the fibers of our country that were built by hard work and pride.

Nadya Suleman, a 33 year old woman from California is not married and lives at her parents house. She worked at a (ironically) mental health state hospital in California up until a several years ago, when she was injured on the job and received a worker's compensation settlement of over $100,000. She hasn't worked since due to her "disability." What did she do with that chunk of change? Move out of her parents' house perhaps? no. Invest it in furthering her education? no. She spent all that money on freezing her embryos.

Her sperm cocktail resulted in 6 children. I repeat, 6. 6 Kids without a job, a home, a father, etc. So, what better way to remedy the situation but to have 8 more children. As you are well aware, she gave birth to 8 more children in Januay of 2009. Due to the complexity of the delivery and the babies' low birth weight, they've now been in pediatric intensive care for over a month.

For those of you keeping score at home (or even if you are by yourself....citation to Keith Olberman on that one), that makes 14 children, a single mother, no father, and a partridge in a pear tree. Some experts have estimated the cost for the 8 babies in ICU so far to be around $200,000.

Have fun with that California taxpayers! Keep busting your tail at work and watch the taxes dissolve your net pay, while Ms. Suleman plans phase 3 of her birthing plan.

Why is it that this country continues to enable system abusing bottom-feeders like this? And how fitting is it that, while those 8 newborns will be suckling the teet of their mother, the mother is suckling the teet of John and Jane Doe taxpayer.